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Objet #: SCP-801

Classe : Euclide

Procédures de Confinement Spéciales : Toutes les instances de SCP-801 doivent être conservées dans un casier en métal dans les sous-sols de la Fondation. L'accès à SCP-801 pour des tests est accordé à tout membre du personnel de niveau 2 ou plus. Toutes les instances de SCP-801 devront être lavées après les tests. Aucune autre procédure de confinement plus stricte, mise à part une sécurité standard, n'est requise.

Description : SCP-801 est un ensemble de sept vêtements en fourrure, trouvés dans un abri de chasse dans les monts Adirondacks. Les tentatives pour retrouver le propriétaire du refuge ont été infructueuses ; bien que les locaux insistèrent sur le fait qu'il y avait de la lumière et qu'ils avaient entendu des coups de fusil dans la zone jusqu'à récemment, les membres du personnel de la Fondation ne découvrirent pas plus de preuves d'une occupation récente.

SCP-801 inclut :

- Un (1) manteau en vison (SCP-801-1)
- Un (1) manteau de fourrure de raton-laveur (SCP-801-2)
- Un (1) un manteau de fourrure de loup (SCP-801-3)
- Un (1) manteau de fourrure d'écureuil (SCP-801-4)
- Un (1) manteau de fourrure de zibeline (SCP-801-5)

Chaque manteau recouvre tout le corps et inclut une capuche. Les manteaux sont doublés avec la même soie noire, et ne portent aucune étiquette ou instruction de lavage malgré le fait qu'ils semblent avoir été cousus à la machine.

Les manteaux sont accompagnés de :

- Une (1) paire de mitaines en peau de lapin (SCP-801-6)
- Une (1) paire de chaussures en peau de wapiti (SCP-801-7)

Les gants sont doublés de soie, les chaussures de cuir. Comme pour les manteaux, les deux paires semblent cousues à la machine et ne portent aucune étiquette ou instruction de la part du propriétaire.

La Fondation a été appelée sur site après plusieurs rapports sur des attaques répétés d'animaux anormaux dans la zone. On a rapporté que les animaux étaient étrangement proches des habitations humaines, et étaient anormalement agressifs vis-à-vis des espèces impliquées. De même, leur comportement suite à la capture n'était pas en accord avec la norme ; [DONNÉES SUPPRIMÉES].

Les membres du personnel trouvèrent SCP-801 étendu sur le sol du refuge parmi plusieurs autres ensembles de vêtements normaux.

Donning any article of SCP-801 begins a rapid change in the wearer. Subject begins by doubling over in pain as internal changes start; described variously as “excruciating”, “burning” and “like my [REDACTED] organs are liquefying and [DATA EXPUNGED]”. Subjects soon (within two (2) minutes) lose both coherent speech and the ability to stand upright. Subject's vocalizations begin to become less human and more animal as external changes become apparent according to which article of clothing is worn. Although subjects may manage to remove the clothing before this stage, no halt in the process takes place. Characteristic is the lengthening of the front of the face into a snout or muzzle, lengthening of the arch of the foot, and of the tailbone. Three (3) minutes into the transition subject demonstrates signs of extreme pain and fatigue. At this stage subject begins prodigious vomiting, apparently shedding excess mass and tissue unneeded for the new form. What mass cannot be expelled in this manner enters into an advanced state of cellular deterioration and falls away from the main body. At minute five (5), the subject resembles its new form almost entirely; extreme hair growth begins over the body, apparently interfering with the subject's upper dermal layers, and resulting in expelling much blood from the body along with the newly grown hair.

Upon completion of transition, subject will be extremely fatigued, but not docile, and care should be taken when caging or terminating test subjects. All subjects thus far have shown extreme and relentless aggression and resistance to pain. When caged and lacking an exterior target, subjects will bite and scratch themselves far past the point of bleeding. One raccoon-transitioned D-Class was found to have gnawed through the contents of its own stomach while another subject [DATA EXPUNGED].

It is recommended that all subjects be terminated following testing and examination.

Addendum: Testing the coats on non-human species has yielded mixed results.

Placing an ordinary animal inside a coat made from its own species (I.E., placing a raccoon inside SCP-801-2), or placing the same subject in the same coat twice has no effect. However when placing ordinary animals (or sedated, transitioned subjects) inside a coat made from a different animal results in subject transitioning normally for the first three (3) minutes before aborting. Resultant subjects are often missing fur or limbs, or otherwise have limbs partially transitioned. In addition, once mass-purge has started, subjects may have organs [REDACTED] and are unable to support life functions. Most subjects do not live through this process.

Addendum 2: Attempting to transition a subject wearing multiple articles (such as SCP-801-1 and SCP-801-6 and/or SCP-801-7) functions similarly to putting one species inside a non-coincident coat; however, in this case, the transition stops earlier, leaving the subject at least partially conscious, but with partially transitioned limbs, [DATA EXPUNGED] etc. As these subjected have exhibited the same violent tendencies as those fully transitioned, it is recommended they be terminated immediately. No attempt at communication should be made.

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Item # : SCP-260-FR

Threat level: Yellow

Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-260-FR has to be contained in a secured storefront triggering an alarm in case of attempt to damage it or of forced opening. Any experimentation including SCP-260-FR must be subject to a request to a three or more level personnel. Apart from any experimentation, members of personnel performing any action on SCP-260-FR must be equiped with a helmet with a visor. The experiments on D-classes must be observing continuously by surveillance camera. Since the last observations, the experiments on SCP-260-FR have been suspended to prevent any aggravation possible of SCP-260-FR’s effects.

Any person who underwent the effects of SCP-260-FR must be placed under medical surveillance after taking a Class-A amnesic and msut be observed throughout two hours. If the individual’s mental health improves, he will be considered as sound. If not, the individual must be eliminated.

Description: SCP-260-FR is a wooden model of a lighthouse, 52 cm high, weighing approximately 3 kg and having a diameter of 15 cm. The beacon has two floors barred with blue and white, and a light at the top, represented by a red wooden cylinder. The lighthouse is along with a sculpted decor representing a turbulent sea with five characters (named SCP-260-FR-1) swimming against the waves to return to the beacon.

The observation of SCP-260-FR-1 across a storefront, a glass or even a surveillance camera will not trigger any effect. Any individual observing directly SCP-260-FR feels different substancial effects. The individual seems to be persuaded to be in the sea and loses any contact with the real environment. He perceived also a bright light coming from the light of SCP-260-FR.

For all the subject, the effects’ experiment leads to:

  • A strong feeling of fear and confusion
  • A reduction of body’s heat
  • A unexplained presence of water in the lungs
  • A strong craving to approach the light

The individual seems to perceive a sense of safety in the light. When he notices the source, the subject clamps with all his strength the beacon and stays in this position, even until dying of exhaustion, without the action of an other person. The SCP-260-FR’s effect can be stopped by putting to sleep the individual.

The most of the individuals are subject to numerous psychoses after being under the SCP-260-FR’s effects. They stay in a constant state of fear and distress and have a strong willing to see again the light, even being able to use violence in order to reach the SCP-260-FR’s containment room.

The use of Class-A amnesic can, for 75% of individuals, put an end to the psychoses. A theory according to that the subject’s psychiatric background influences the percentage is studying. Experiments showed a strange loss of weigh and of oxygen in the subject’s blood. This loss is proportional to the time passed with SCP-260-FR. It must be noticed that since these observations, the light producing by SCP-260-FR seems to have a higher intensity and a different colour, from light yellow to a strong red. It can be possible that SCP-260-FR evolves with humans’ contact.

SCP-260-FR has been discovered in 07/27/2016 in the city of ████, in a family home where the five inhabitants were dead after being under SCP-260-FR’s effects. The presence of packaging and a cake showed that the family may celebrate a birthday which was the father’s one, after investigation.

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