Hey all. Here is my report for everything that has to deal with SCP-FR.
I will go through some boring data, but I think it's still nice to see sometimes things in the detail.
I will also tell you a quick story of how we grow, etc.
Well, I think a summary would be better to sum up all of this. Here we go.

I) The Admins of SCP-FR (your contacts)

Current Master Admin Dr. Marcus.
Three others admins are seconding him. Dr. Johannes, oldest admin on the site, Agent Neremsa, one of our elder member, and myself after my promotion in 01/2016
If needed you can also contact user Dr. Frog, who's moderator and part of the Ambassador team with me.

II) Some data about our activity.

I mostly used this super site you already used for global report to get this data.

Here we go, for some screenshots (such a shame Wikidot isn't able to include some Excel) :

  • Here is the overview of what SCP-FR did, in term of members and pages. And because giving data just to give data is useless, I made a comparison with the udpdated data from the main wiki and -RU. In comparison to the main Wiki and -RU, SCP-FR has the most active community, in terms of percentage. It is also one of the most creative branch in terms of new contents (pages =/= translations)
  • Here are the top editors, as Roget asked for the most actives members, data doesn't lie.
  • And here we have the top authors (it may not be updated, as we have in fact more pages created by authors, and some translations aren't appearing. But at least you have an idea of who's doing what)

We already created 166 SCPs and 94 tales.

III) About SCP-FR : a french-made fairy creepy tale.

On a sunny day, 21st March 2012, wikidot User Dr. Marcus created SCP-FR. He became at this moment our Master admin…
… but he had to wait until the 18th July 2012 to see the first member joining him. For months he worked alone, mainly on translations, and then, this day, the -FR community was born.
Quickly some of our oldest members joined. Our currents admins Johannes, and Neremsa, for exemple. But it was a calm period, and it was still the case when I joined in February 2014.
With some members that are now recognized and respected, such as Frog, my colleague Ambassador from -FR, we all started to create our little French universe, and then we really created something new.

By the end of 2014, a lot of people that are now staff or old members joined us and helped creating this.
We mainly developed ourselves thanks to the introduction of characters inside tales, and quickly, -FR had its own references (and running gags). This helped so much to gather everyone, and to motivate them to keep writting.

Soon we gathered also around collaboratives projects, such as AFAL (I will talk about this later).

We had of course some troubles with some members, as every branch surely had. But now we're a stable and productive community I'm proud to be part of.

IV) Current big projects

Here is a list of what we're currently doing.

  • "Après Aleph" (also called After Aleph, or simply AFAL) : -FR biggest canon at the moment. It only describe how the members of Site Aleph survived to an XK, and how they try to save the day assembling parts of a strange unknow SCP hidden all over the world. The interesting part of this canon is that it is actually organized by teams of 4/3, that are evolving more or less independantly in the post-apocalyptic world. It has something like 60 tales for more than 20 authors.
  • "Retour à l'Anormal" : another canon, asking the question : and what if one day the Foundation had to fire a whole Site ? And what if the amnesic, after some months, stopped to work ? This canon started a week ago, and already has 4 tales.
  • "Human Ressources" : Another canon, that is more a lot of differents tales about how D-class lived their last hours.
  • "Presqu'ultime Deathmatch" : Our adaptation of the March Madness Bracket, only with -FR SCPs.
  • "SCP-Radio" : Only a project for a moment, but we want to give a shot to this idea we stole from -RU (hey BlackBird5154 !).
  • The birthday contest : each year, we make a birthday contest for the -FR birthday ! We also do sometimes others type of contest.

We also have a lot of smallers idea that are still in development, but not real enough to be mentionned here.

V) Popular -FR creations and content

To give you an idea of what we can do and what we love here. I mean except wine and baguettes.

Okay I might be cheating a bit. I wrote this when I send it for Clef's Resurrection, back to this summer. So it might be not really up to date, but the essential should be here !

Here are the French SCPs we translated. Some of them are still incoming, but because of the hollidays, they could be late, so be free to use thoses already here. If you see something strange in the translation, tell me and I will correct it.

VI) Off-site presence

Well, we're currently about to reach 1K likes on our Facebook page.

We also have some talented members on Deviant Art. A good example could be Dr. Frog with his "Site Aleph" Webcomic, avaible in english !

I think that's all. I may have forget something, if you see something that's missing, don't hesitate to tell me.

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