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Object Class: Keter Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-3943 is too spooky to contain,we can’t do it man it’s just no.

Description:SCP-3943 is fricking Slender Man! Like guys! This is too spooky! He lives in the woods and uh he steals baby’s or something and makes them Slave Babies! Agh guys ima have nightmares he is too scary guys please hide me Heck!

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Item #: SCP-4964

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-4964 is to be kept in a 5 x 5 meter containment cell and fed 3 meals a day and be guarded by multiple armed personnel, but said guards must not enter the cell unless given the permissions to by Dr. [REDACTED]. When entering SCP-4964’s containment cell, the subject must speak calmly and be sure to stand at least 1 meter away from SCP-4964 unless the SCP states and proves that he is calm.

Description: SCP-4964’s origins are yet unknown, but from multiple tests and x-rays, we can confirm that SCP-4964 is in fact humanoid. SCP-4964 is a human male, 2 meters in length, who has a rapid regenerative cell structure and is said to be immortal. SCP-4964’s most prominent detail is his mask which will be referred to as SCP-4964-2. His irises produce a red glow when angered. If not angered, they glow either light gray or white. When SCP-4964-2 is removed, SCP-4964 immediately lashes out and kills all nearby subject within a 30 meter radius via snapping of the neck and/or strangling. When SCP-4964 is in this state, his strength and stamina quintuples, but looses his intelligence completely. It is rare but possible to anger SCP-4964 without removing SCP-4964-2 by triggering him in certain ways. This includes asking too many questions, doing anything to harm him and other innocent subjects, and relating him to something he is not. After all nearby subjects are killed, SCP-4964 runs back to SCP-4964-2, puts it on and goes back into a calm state. In [REDACTED] SCP-4964 was given a gas mask to wear, he accepted the trade and put it on, only for it to change his personality completely from having a calm state to having a Jersey accent and acting as a war veteran. We removed the mask for study and found that it belonged to a World War Two veteran and has not been warn by any other subject since. SCP-4964 stated “Whenever I put on a mask, my personality changes to whoever wore the mask last whether I knew them or not. Without a mask, I lash out and become very hostile, but I’m sure you figured that out already. I like the mask I where now the most because it makes me quite calm and I enjoy that very much.” Personnel reported SCP-4964 humming an unknown toon with some reporting hearing Beethoven and others hearing the Tetris theme song at the same time, causing those who hear it to have and argument and even try to kill each other in random ways. It is unknown if this is caused by SCP-4964 on purpose or it is of sheer reaction of the subjects since some subjects who hear this humming appear to have an immunity. This happens on a regular basis and any change should be reported immediately.

Conversations with SCP-4964 have been proven to be informative. The Watch used for the interview has been told to speak calmly to the SCP and be careful how many questions he asks the SCP at a time and after every question, there will be a 5-10 minute break for SCP-4964 to calm down. These are the results to the conversation.

Interview with SCP-4964

SCP-4964 was handcuffed to a table and chair and asked by Dr. [REDACTED] if he was calm. The SCP responded yes and showed his eyes were grey. From then, the Watch entered the room and sat on the chair opposite of SCP-4964. SCP-4964 said to the Watch “Hello friend, I would shake your hand, but I’m not in the position to do that.” The interview began as followed.

Question 1

Watch: Do you know when you were born or how you were created?

SCP-4964: It counts, do you mean me myself or this lovely mask?

Watch: Both, if you don’t mind.
SCP-4964: Well, I don’t know how the mask was created, but I can tell you I was born in [REDACTED] in [REDACTED].

Watch: So are you immortal?

SCP-4964: Well, I don’t appear to be decomposed do I? I look well for a [REDACTED] year old man.

Watch: True, true.

Question 2

Watch: Do you have any correlation with SCP-035 or any other SCPs that are masked related?

SCP-4964: 035, Do you mean the possessive mask by any chance?

Watch: That’s the one I’m referring to.

SCP-4964: I have no correlation with him, but I will admit that I have had my eyes on him for a long time. If only that damn doctor didn’t get in my way.

Watch: What do you mean by doctor?

SCP-4964: I believe you people call him 049.

Watch: SCP-049? So, this is some sort of love sto-

Dr. [REDACTED]: Watch, I suggest you slow down a little with your questions.

Watch: Your right, moving on.

Question 3

Watch: What is with your dispute with 035 and 049?

SCP-4964: There is no dispute, I am just curious to see what would happen if I replace my mask with 035.

Watch: I see, maybe we could m-

Dr. [REDACTED]: Don’t make promises you can’t keep Watch!

Watch: Right, moving on.

Question 4

Watch: If we make a mask out of… let’s say skin, would your personality change to that subject’s personality.

SCP-4964: Are you asking if I have done that before?

Watch: No, no, I’m just curious.

SCP-4964: I have never tried.

Watch: There’s something to add to the testing list.

SCP-4964 vs SCP-035

SCP-4964 was placed in SCP-035’s holding cell and was told to stand within 2 meters of SCP-035. After 3 hours of the test, SCP-4964 states that he felt no urge to put on SCP-035 unlike its other victims. SCP-4964 was then told to touch SCP-035’s liquid. He agreed without question and immediately stuck his hand into the liquid and the corrosive liquid disintegrated his hand almost immediately, but before the liquid could fully destroy SCP-4964, he regenerated his hand, destroying the liquid in the process. SCP-4964 was then told to put on SCP-035. He again agreed without question. SCP-4964 removed his masked and replaced it with SCP-035. Once SCP-035 was on, SCP-4964 claimed that he was still sentient even with SCP-035 currently on, but he could hear SCP-035 through his mind. The multiple doctors in the viewing room, including the Watch that interviewed both SCP-4964 and SCP-035 and Dr. [REDACTED] were baffled at what they saw. SCP-4964’s cells and SCP-035’s corrosive liquid were bonding together in a way the SCP foundation has never seen before. Dr. [REDACTED] ordered SCP-4964 to remove SCP-035 and leave the room, which he did so. SCP-4964 had no severe damages and is the first human to survive contact with SCP-035. When questioned, SCP-4964 stated “It was as if I had his personality and powers, but his original source was still there, speaking to me through my mind. I would not mind putting him on again.” Further studies prove that when SCP-4964 and SCP-035’s abilities are combined, SCP-035’s liquid can still be produced, but it can be controlled at will by SCP-4964, the liquid can be used as both, a projectile weapon and a healing factor for SCP-4964. SCP-4964 shows that he has SCP-035’s personality once the mask is on. If any changes appear, they must be reported immediately and SCP-4964 and SCP-035 must be removed from each other and contained.

SCP-4964 & SCP-035 vs SCP-682

SCP-4964 and SCP-035 were both gathered by SCP-682’s holding cell. SCP-4964 was instructed by Dr. [REDACTED] to put on SCP-035 in which he did so without question. SCP-4964 was instructed to attempt to kill SCP-682, even though there were multiple failed attempts to kill SCP-682, Dr. [REDACTED] was confident about SCP-4964. SCP-4964 and SCP-035 enter SCP-682’s holding cell and the test began. SCP-4964 begins walking towards SCP-682 who was sitting in the north east corner. SCP-682 and SCP-4964 begin having a conversation. This is the conversation the two SCP’s had.

SCP-682: What are you suppose to be?

SCP-4964: The people call me SCP-4964.

SCP-682: Your… one of us?

SCP-4962: Last I checked.

SCP-682: So…

SCP-682 slowly begins standing up and walking towards SCP-4964.

SCP-682: Why are you here?

SCP-4964: To kill you I suppose.

SCP-682: *chuckles* good luck with that.

SCP-4964: I will take it for gra-

Before SCP-4964 could finish his sentence, SCP-682 swallows both SCP-4964 and SCP-035 whole. Approximately 5.6 seconds later, SCP-682 begins vomiting SCP-035’s liquid. 2.1 seconds after that, SCP-682 explodes and looses 63% of its original size. Climbing out of SCP-682, was both SCP-4964 and SCP-035 intact and still connected. SCP-682 begins laughing and mumbles “impressive” to SCP-4964 and SCP-035. The test was complete and both SCP-4964 and SCP-035 were removed and placed back into their holding cells.

Termination of SCP-4964 has been delayed due to usefulness of the SCP.

Item #: SCP-4833

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4833 is to be kept in a 5 x 5 meter containment cell and under constant watch of personnel. SCP-4833 must be given one paint canvas and 5 liters of O Positive blood from any creature once daily. If any personnel are caught trying to enter SCP-4833’s cell will be shot and killed immediately unless approved by Dr. [REDACTED]. If SCP-4833 asks for someone’s opinion on her paintings, they must respond “so so” to confuse SCP-4833 and prevent violence.

Description: SCP-4833 is a [REDACTED] year old humanoid girl who paints pictures of random subjects. SCP-4833 does not request normal paint, but humanoid body fluids. This includes blood, urine, feces, mucus, stomach acids, etc. When subjects see SCP-4833’s paintings, they have a strong urge do destroy said painting in any way possible. If the subject is caught by SCP-4833 destroying the painting, SCP-4833’s size, speed, strength, and nail length will triple and immediately kill the subject via cutting of the eyes and ripping open the subjects abdomen and begin removing the stomach, intestines, and bladder. SCP-4833 will then remove the subject’s nostrils and begin pulling out the mucus glands from the subject. If the subject is not caught by SCP-4833, the SCP will produce an ear piercing shriek that spans over 100 meters or less and last for a random amount of time. The longest recorded incident lasted 6 days and 15 hours. Subjects who hear this screech will immediately go deaf and bleed from the ears. Some subjects have had their eardrums explode from the screams and even giving some subjects grand mal seizures. The closer the subject is to SCP-4833, the worse damages the subject get.

If the subject resists the urge to destroy one of SCP-4833’s painting and shows admiration towards said painting, it is common for SCP-4833 to ask the subject if he/she likes the painting. If the subject responds with no, SCP-4833 will immediately kill them using the same method as stated before. If the subject responds with yes, SCP-4833 will ask why. If the subject says why and is a reason SCP-4833 likes, the SCP will smile and walk away. If the subject does not have a reason, SCP-4833 will immediately kill them using the same method as stated before.

SCP-4833 Tests and Incidences

Test 1

D class 3674 was placed inside SCP-4833’s holding cell and was told to wait for Dr. [REDACTED] instructions. This was the result of the test.

D-3674: Is it just me, or does this room smell like piss?

Dr. [REDACTED]: D-3674, the test has begun. Please examine the nearby painting.

D-3674: Yeah yeah, whatever you say boss.

D-3674 begins walking towards the painting.

D-3674: The bloody hell is th- oh Christ, is that blood? I, I kinda want to destr-

SCP-4833: Hello there.

D-3674: JESUS! Oh my, you scared me lass.

SCP-4833: Do you like my painting?

D-3674: You made this? Uh… yeah I guess it’s nice.

SCP-4833: What do you like about it?

D-3674: I like… I don’t know, it’s a n- oh god, AH!

SCP-4833 began mutilating D class 3674 in numerous ways whilst the subject was still alive. Dr. [REDACTED] called off the test and SCP-4833 began drawing an new painting, using D-3674’s body fluids of course.

Test 2

D class 2749 was placed inside SCP-4833’s holding cell and was told to wait for Dr. [REDACTED] instructions. This was the result of the test.

D-2749: Damn, what is that smell?

Dr. [REDACTED]: D-2749, the test has begun. Please examine the nearby painting.

D-2749: Gotcha.

D-2749 begins slowly walking toward the painting.

D-2749: Jesus, the fuck is that? I… I need to br-

SCP-4833: Hello.

D-2749: WHAT THE- Oh, hello.

SCP-4833: Do you like my painting.

D-2749: It’s okay, it’s rather strange, but yeah.

SCP-4833 gives D-2749 a confused and gives a smile.

SCP-4833: What do you like about it?

D-2749: It’s a very nice painting, I can see what you were going for when you made this.

SCP-4834: Thank you.

SCP-4833 smiles and walks away.

Dr. [REDACTED]: The test is over, please leave the containment cell.

Termination of SCP-4833 was approved by Dr. [REDACTED] and must be done as soon as possible .


Item #: SCP-DNVT

Object Class: Worthy of Downvotes

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-DNVT is to be sealed in a titanium downvote, which is to be repeatedly downvoted by 17 D-Class (Downvote class) personnel repeatedly. Anyone who upvotes this page has the big stinky and will be called a dingus, and then promptly apologized to.

Description: SCP-DNVT is the author page of Crocket_LawnchairCrocket_Lawnchair on the SCP wiki. For some unknown reason, Crocket_Lawnchair had demanded that any and all personnel downvote this page. He has even made the joke of downvoting this page unfunny, as to ensure more downvotes. This is not reverse psychology. Crocket_Lawnchair does not want upvotes. He seeks true downvote.

Addendum: Pages made by Crocket_Lawnchair. Listed below are several other pages made by Crocket_Lawnchair. The current leading theory on Crocket_Lawnchair's need for downvotes is the mediocrity of these pages. Along with these pages are messages written by Crocket_Lawnchair. Further study is underway.

SCP-3459: Phobia Plague. This was my first article on the site. I'm surprised it's still on the site, as I wouldn't call it anything special. But I guess it's mediocre enough to survive.

SCP-3947: Robber Duckies. I consider 3947 to be my first true article. The idea I was trying to get across is a bit ham-fisted in hindsight, but whateva. Also the only reason it's on the site is because Gigachad Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian edited it for me and made it real good. :thumbs_up_emoji:

SCP-4201: Pizza of Mass Destruction. I look at this article and all I see is wasted potential. I tried to take a silly concept and underplayed it with melodramatic nonsense. It's my only independent work I consider "good", but it's more like mediocre.



Revision 2: God you all make me upset

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Item #: SCP-1118-J

Item Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-1118-J, it cannot be contained. A method of preventing men from becoming instances of SCP-1118-J-1 is to sabotage their attempt at SCP-1118-J.

Description: SCP-1118-J is a phenomenon commonly refered to as "No-Nut November". SCP-1118-J allows a chance for male humans over the age of 14 to become SCP-1118-J-1, and develop certain anomolous properties. These include, but are not limited to: Levitating, control of liquids, control of fire, flying, developing extra limbs, control of weather, light reality warping. This can only be accomplished via completion of SCP-1118-J, by resisting the urge to ejaculate for the entire month of November. If a male does ejaculate, then he forfeits the opportunity to become a SCP-1118-J-1 until the next annual SCP-1118-J event. The second phase of SCP-1118-J occours on the first day of december, where every instance of SCP-1118-J-1 will go through a phase commonly refered to as "Aggressive masturbation". In this phase they will ejaculate as many times in a day as possible. This amount varies between each instance of SCP-1118-J-1, but the average amount is 13. The anomolous properties of SCP-1118-J-1 instances last until about the middle of December, before they begin to fade away, turning aforementioned instances back into regular humans. Despite the fact that certain SCP-1118-J-1 instances have potential to be very dangerous and may misuse their powers, terminating all SCP-1118-J-1 instances is not reccommended, due to a possible human population drop of approximately 26%. If the number of SCP-1118-J-1 instances exceeds 500,000,000, protocall Wank! is to be initiated.

Addendum 1118-J-1:
Interview with a SCP-1118-J-1 instance (22 year old caucasian male)

Dr. Flint: Tell me exactly what you did to gain you're abilities, from the start.

SCP-1118-J-1: Yeah, doc. So basically I was on 4Chan and read this challenge where you don't like, nut, for all of November.

Dr. Flint: And then?

SCP-1118-J-1: So I, like didn't. Wait a minute, if you have no powers, does that mean that you did nut?

Dr. Flint: Let's stay on topic.

SCP-1118-J-1: So at first I wasn't gonna do it, but I bet my friend that I would hold up longer. So I was like fuck it, dude.

Dr. Flint: And then?

SCP-1118-J-1: Now I can fucking, like, fly, and I got weed growing from my balls. It's free weed, dude. So rad.

Dr. Flint: Is that all you did? You just didnt, uh, ejaculate?

SCP-1118-J-1: That's right, bro. You should try to like, not fail it next year.

Dr. Flint: Thank you for you're time.

Interview Concluded

Protocall Wank!:
If the number of SCP-1118-J-1 instances exceeds 500,000,000, all advertisements on major websites will be replaced with pornography advertisements. All pornography streaming services will become availible for free. Protocall Wank! will conclude on the first [1] day of December, and revert everything back to normal.

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